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Minimally Invasive Regenerative Surgery

  • Some patients avoid periodontal care because they think that surgery is the only solution for the periodontal disease.
  • Alternative treatments for periodontal disease are commonly available in our office. Periodontists are trained in all forms of non-surgical, chemical, and surgical treatments.
  • Advances in medical technology are being adapted to periodontal practices for patient comfort. Traditionally, the more aggressive treatment option for people suffering from advanced periodontal disease was surgery. Surgery can offer many benefits but can also be a concern for the patient and periodontist.
  • Now there is a new procedure called, Perioscopy, featuring a miniaturized digital video technology that allows the periodontist or hygienist to diagnose and treat areas below the gumline without some of the discomfort and inconvenience of surgery.
  • The Perioscopy procedure uses a miniature camera that is attached to a tiny probe that is gently placed below the gumline. The images are immediately displayed on a chairside video screen for the clinician to view. The dental endoscope provides up to 48 times magnification, disclosing minute details under the gums. Special instrumentation is required to remove bacterial deposits and infection under the gums.
  • By using the endoscope and the special instruments, we hope to remove the causes of periodontal disease in a conservative manner. Due to the instrumentation, the treatment time tends to be a bite longer than a standard surgical treatment.
  • We are using the endoscope to see magnified details of tooth anatomy and deposits below the gumline to diagnose and treat periodontal disease in a minimally-invasive way, as is performed in orthopedic surgery. Our patients report that they find the procedure to be comfortable and report little if any side effects after the procedure.


Are you avoiding treatment due to fear of surgery?

Has surgery been the only option you have been given for managment of periodontal disease?

Can you reduce or eliminate the common side effects with conventional surgery with other forms of treatment?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, call us at 314-965-3271 or Contact Us to schedule an evaluation appointment. We would be pleased to evaluate your periodontal health and discuss whether Perioscopy is a treatment option for you.


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