Oral Plastic Surgery

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Oral Plastic Surgery

  • We are concerned foremost with your health. However, some of the procedures we perform are intended not only to control disease, but to provide you with a cosmetic benefit.
  • In fact, your gum line can be carefully sculpted or reshaped to just the right proportion between gum tissue and tooth surface to acheive a better looking smile. If restorations are necessary, these procedures set the stage allowing new veneers or crowns to have the correct length and shape giving you a beautiful smile.
  • Other patients may look older than their years because their teeth appear too long. Soft tissue grafts and other root coverage procedures are designed to cover exposed roots and make teeth look much better.
  • When gum tissue receeds due to overzealous toothbrushing and teeth become very sensitive, periodontal plastic surgery may help protect you from further loss of gum or may re-cover the exposed roots to eliminate or reduce sensitivity.
  • Root surfaces that become exposed can leave you at risk for developing cavities on the root which are more aggressive and damageing to the tooth. Root decay is harder to stop and treat than decay on enamel surfaces.
  • Sometimes bone and gum tissue is lost due to extractions and accidents which can result in indentations in the gums and jawbone. Ridge augmentation procedures can be performed to restore lost tissue.
  • Gum tissue to replace lost gum can be taken from the patient or from a donor tissue bank.


Do you have a "gummy" smile?

Have you noticed that your gums are "shrinking" and pulling away from the teeth?

Are your teeth sensitive due to exposed roots?

Is your gum tissue symmetrical on both sides?

Are the gums around your crowns receding or red and inflammed?

Are there notches or V-grooves in the teeth?

Do your teeth look too long or short due to the position of the gums?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, call us at 314-965-3271 or see Contact Us to schedule an evaluation appointment. We would be pleased to evaluate your periodontal health and discuss treatment options with you.


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