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“Now, since I have had this treatment done, I can get up in front of a group and smile and I love it because that is really who I am and it’s a great feeling. My treatment went much quicker than I originally anticipated—in the end, the result was definitely worth it. My dentist recommended Dr. Duello and I am very grateful for his referral."

- Catherine E.




“It’s psychological, I smile more, it has given me back me. I feel great about it.  When it happens everything fits in place—everything is great and at end of procedure this office has keep me informed, the competency, the professionalism and everything has fit like a glove including my teeth.”


- Jim C.





“Since I have had the surgery I feel my mouth is healthier, I can eat apples, I can eat an ear of corn and its great.  My husband is very happy and I am happy as a clam. The staff made me feel like family."


- Kathy S.


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